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Mindfulness & Compassion

Bring Mindfulness and Compassion to Life, Whatever Life Brings to You

Live & Breathe Mindfulness and Compassion

We all have the capacity to be with things better, even if we can’t change our outer circumstances.

Developing embodied presence can do a lot for our physical, emotional and relational health and well-being. We all possess an inherent ability to come back to balance and ease in our lives, to recover and restore; to reconnect with what matters.

Mindfulness is an active participation in awareness and self-care which can be applied to nearly any challenge we face. Call it part of ‘lifestyle medicine’ and make things better for yourself. In helping yourself, you’re also helping those around you and all the systems our lives are interconnected with, participating in social, systemic and even world change.

They say that mindfulness is ‘caught’ as much as it is ‘taught’- imagine that- compassionate contagion!

Practicing Compassion includes seeing our suffering more clearly, and developing a wiser and kinder response to that for ourselves and other living beings. This takes courage, commitment and care. 

Bring Mindfulness and Compassion to Life, Whatever Life Brings to You. Live & Breathe Mindfulness and Compassion with Alison Purnell

Just for You

Make space for yourself in your own life

If you’d value a personal approach, just ask. Maybe there’s a specific way you’d like to refresh or develop your personal mindfulness practice, or just don’t know where to start. We can start where you are. Make space for yourself in your own life. Let’s talk Mindfulness and Compassion, 1:1. A radical act of self-care.

About me

Alison Purnell, Mindfulness and Compassion Teacher

Like many people I first learned the value of practicing mindfulness and compassion when things went a bit wonky in my life.

Juggling my various roles and responsibilities was often overwhelming and I sometimes lost sight of myself and my own needs in the service of others.

Practicing mindfulness meditation helped me to make a kind space in my life to feel what I was feeling and respond wisely and kindly.  My practice gave me a seat to explore the complex and fascinating experience of being human, and to grow into loving it more.

What began as a way of managing stress, soon became a way of travelling through life, as well as of making my living; teaching mindfulness and compassion to others. I began to ‘live and breathe’ mindfulness and compassion, and the adventure is still in full flow.



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