Cultivate Compassion

Learning to Live and Breathe

Mindful Self-Compassion

You already have a deep capacity for kindness and compassion within you- look at the ways you care for those you love! This ground breaking course will help you to be a kinder friend to Yourself when you’re struggling. Cultivate emotional wellbeing. Resource yourself, grow in resilience to cope when times get rough. This course is available in two formats- the full 9 session ‘Mindful Self-Compassion’ and the 6 session ‘Short-Course Mindful Self Compassion’, a ‘lite’ adaptation which does not include learning to meditate, but focuses on practical skills and reflective exercises.

 I completed my training in MSC with Sussex Mindfulness Centre/NHS partnership and Steven Hickman (CMSC) in 2019, and gained ‘Trained Teacher’ status in 2021 with Ali Lambie and Judith Soulsby.

Mindfulness Based Compassionate Living

Known as a ‘deepening’ course after any 8 week mindfulness course, MBCL will help you embed and embody compassion as a way of living. The course draws on ancient practices that have been rigorously researched by contemporary leaders in the field. Over 8 sessions, you will learn the art and practice of ‘living with heart’, via meditations and personal reflective exercises, based around our three emotion regulation systems (Paul Gilbert). Your practice will include attention to inner patterns like self-criticism and shame, and progressively developing meditations into the four qualities of kindness.

I completed training in MBCL with Erik van den Brink in 2017 as part of the first UK cohort.