Mindfulness Teacher's Supervision

Learning to Live and Breathe

If you teach Mindfulness courses, you will know that regular supervision is an essential part of your continuing professional development and registration with the British Association of Mindfulness Based Approaches (BAMBA). A space we hold together for the exploration into the experience of teaching mindfulness.

Grab a cuppa

Take your seat in a space of mutual exploration of your experiences in teaching mindfulness. I will meet you where you are- whether you’re just starting out or are a seasoned practitioner, with a sense of warm accompaniment. I supervise teachers who work in the NHS, as well as privately and also offer ‘supra-vision’ if your work includes supervising other teachers.

I trained as a Supervisor with the Centre for Mindfulness Research and Practice (CMRP) and have been supervising a wide variety of Mindfulness and Compassion teachers since 2015. 

Becoming a Mindfulness Teacher?

My role as a Breathworks Associate includes Mindfulness Teacher Training, Mentoring, and Supervising Practice Courses. If you’re a trainee and interested in having me support you in any of these ways, do make a request via Breathworks.

‘I really value the supervision I receive from Alison, she embodies the core values of mindfulness and brings wisdom, awareness and kindness to our sessions. I feel she genuinely shares in my successes and achievements, and models self-compassion towards those areas where I feel I am still growing. I look forward to our sessions and always come away feeling like I have been heard, held, challenged and inspired. I can highly recommend Alison as a supervisor.’

Sally Harris- Mindfulness and Compassion Teacher

‘As Breathworks’ Head of Training, I worked with Alison over a period of five years during which time she was a core, senior member of our mindfulness training team. Alison brings a depth of knowledge and experience to her mindfulness teaching and training, bringing out the best in course participants and trainee teachers alike. She has a gentle and supportive demeanour in the classroom, while also bringing a sense of professional rigour to her work, along with a wonderful sense of humour. Her capacity for combining a depth of practice and compassion for the suffering of others, with a lightness of touch, is a huge asset. She has provided mentoring and supervision to a wide range of practitioners and teachers in the Breathworks community, with great clarity and wisdom. She is a great team player and her work has been hugely appreciated by the Breathworks team and wider community.’

Ginny Wall, ex Breathworks Head of Training